President’s Blog, March 2016

Alumni members and others who have graduated from Winterset High School, welcome to another posting of my blog. I try to do this brief update monthly for you to enjoy and get information about the Alumni Association and other happenings in Winterset. March is the month for State Basketball Tournaments in Des Moines. Who can recall the last time that a Winterset Basketball team played in the State Tournament? Let others know your memories of those times and the excitement of either participating or being a fan at the game. March is also the beginning of Track and Golf season. If you have a memory of those activities, let others know. It may seem like bragging, however, reconnecting with alumni is not bragging, rather it is letting them know your support and appreciation of WHS years ago and currently.
This month the latest issue of the Husky will be sent to alumni members and as always the articles as well as the information provided keeps everyone smiling and remembering someone or a great memory of high school. At the last board meeting there was discussion of developing a criteria to select a WHS alumni each year to a WHS Alumni Hall of Fame. When the criteria are finalized, you will be informed as to the process of being selected for this honor.

Until my next blog remember to keep in contact with classmates, plan your next class reunion, support WHS, renew your membership and remain active. If you are currently not a member, please consider joining. You can go to our website at and sign up as well as find out about the Association. 

A continuing item of importance to alumni is to please only use the web site that is for our association. There is a site that some have gotten on which says it is the Winterset Alumni site. This is incorrect so please do not sign up for their products or membership. This email address is Please avoid this site.

Rod Beem, President