President’s Blog: July, 2014

July 4th was a special day in history for the United States as it was the day to celebrate our Declaration of Independence and the beginnings of becoming a sovereign nation due to the sacrifices the volunteers made during the Revolution. As citizens of this nation, we are blessed with liberties and rights that many other countries do not possess. I am thankful that Winterset High School alumni have become outstanding adults and giving back to the community and nation through volunteering in many organizations.

Your alumni association has many volunteers who make the organization a viable entity dedicated to keeping in contact with you and all alumni from WHS. Without them the association would not be able to function. So when you see one of them, let them know you appreciate what they do for you—Facebook items, the Husky, The All-class Reunion, Homecoming and many other activities for alumni.

Many of you volunteer in organizing your class reunions and I would like to send out a personal request to you. When you have your reunion, would you ask for donations to the Alumni Association so we can continue funding the Husky and remind them to also join the Association as membership is vital.

Until next month please remember to keep in contact with classmates, plan your next class reunion, support WHS and remain active.

Rod Beem