President’s Blog, February, 2024

Winter is slowly coming to an end in Winterset. January saw over twenty-eight inches of snow and many days of BRRR temperatures. I am looking forward to spring arriving and more activities happening in our area. Updates from the Association are as follows.

The next Husky will be sent out this summer with some remarkably interesting articles. RAGBRAI will have an overnight stay in Winterset on Tuesday July 23. The Old High School is transforming into an apartment complex (might be ready this summer). Madison Square is being renovated into apartments. The Winterset Park & Recreation Department is moving forward with a community field house located near the soccer fields on east Court. The golf course club house has been demolished and a new one is being built. Your alumni association donated funds to the Band Boosters for new Band Uniforms with the donation from the David Woodley memorial.

Reminder: The All Class Reunion will be in October at the Jackson Building during Covered Bridge Festival. Reunion will be Saturday, October 12th from 5-8:30 pm. Mark your calendars to attend this annual function for all WHS Alumni.

If you are interested in keeping your Association active and growing, please consider becoming a board member. We need some younger Alumni on the board. Current officers are:

Rod Beem – President, Jim Smith – Vice President, Linda Kelly – Secretary, Connie Miller – Treasurer, and Carol Bassett-Husky Editor. Other board members are Gary Binns, Randy Henry, Alyssa Tadlock, Judy Trask, and Jim Van Werden. Additional personnel who help the Association are Julie Feirer – Website Manager and Billi Jo Hartman – WHS Staff Liaison.

Please remember to stay connected with classmates, plan your next class reunion, support WHS, renew your membership and remain active. If you are currently not a member, please consider joining. You can go to our website at and sign up as well as find out about your Alumni Association.


Until next time, remember: ONCE A HUSKY, ALWAYS A HUSKY.

Rod Beem, President