President’s Blog, February 2015

Welcome back to my Presidents’ blog. It is still cold with snow on the ground in Winterset, however, we got through the January snowstorm which left about 14 inches of snow for us to scoop and remove from driveways and walkways. I guess the old saying that if you live in Iowa just wait and the weather will change in a few minutes—well—that happened. There were individuals playing golf at the Lakeview Country Club in January and a few days later we got blasted with snow and cold. We are looking forward to warmer weather and signs of spring arriving sooner than later.

Your alumni board met in January and decided to move forward with a project for the school district. If you recall, the last project was a new trophy case for the High School. Our new project has not been decided as of this writing so if anyone has an idea, please contact a board member. We are thinking something that is not too costly but will be appreciated by the district and students. So let us know of an idea!

Don’t forget to check out the new alumni web site at Your web master has revamped the web site and it is awesome. The site has pictures, information about your association and contact information about current dues and class reunions. Use it to keep up to date.

The next Husky will also be sent this month and hopefully more members have opted to receive it via email. Costs of publication has went down and if more members sign up for email copies, the costs can keep going down and your dues can be used for other venues such as a project for the school district.

Until next month please remember to keep in contact with classmates, plan your next class reunion, support WHS, remember to renew membership and remain active.

Rod Beem