President’s Blog, February 2016

Wow! I had some comments from alumni wondering why I did not blog in January. The truth of the matter is I was wondering if anyone actually read the blog and you do, so I am back on task.

Last month, January, and months earlier, Winterset was a focal point with political candidates. Local venues were used to host them, including the North Side Café, John Wayne Museum, Historical complex and other locations. These visits were a great promotion for Winterset to show off our town and friendly citizens.

This month has a very special day for everyone who has a significant other in their life—yes, I am writing about Valentine Day. Don’t forget to do something special for them!!

Other thoughts from me for this month include a shout out to our Web Master, Julie Feirer, who was named Business Person of the year at the Madison County Chamber of Commerce Award Ceremony and Banquet. She along with many other Winterset Alumni continue to give back to the community they live in. This indicates to me that the education and activities participated in while in high school at WHS gave us the incentive to belong to community organizations and pay it forward. I hope that WHS graduates continue to do this throughout their lives.

One last thought, please take time out from your busy schedule and remember those classmates who have passed. They may have been your BFF or maybe just a classmate, but always know that they were a person in your graduating class and part of your memories of high school. So, please think of them and their families.

Until my next blog remember to keep in contact with classmates, plan your next class reunion, support WHS, renew your membership and remain active. If you are currently not a member, please consider joining. You can go to our website at and sign up as well as find out about the Association.

A continuing item of importance to alumni is to please only use the web site that is for our association. There is a site that some have gotten on which says it is the Winterset Alumni site. This is incorrect so please do not sign up for their products or membership. This email address is Please avoid this site.

Rod Beem, President